Decorating Tips For My Vacation Rental Home

Many in the rental industry are now calling vacation rentals short-term rentals. We that have been in the business for some time now will probably take some time before using the the term regularly. But I will try :). I have known & referred to them as vacation rentals. You know a very large short term rental listing site VRBO is short for vacation rental by owner. This giant came in as the vacation rental industry started to become mainstream and online.

I remember mailing, yes snail mailing listings to potential guests that were out of state. They would then mail us back the listing they wanted to rent. We would then snail-mail the lease agreement and payment details for them to sign and mail back to us. It was quite a process compared to what we have now.

The business transaction details have changed quite a bit since then and so have the guest’s idea of a desirable vacation rental home. Guests would be fine a rustic cottage in a good location to get some quiet time away when the homes were referred to as vacation rentals :). We are now in a time where the rental home needs to be updated, fresh and experience driven to attract, satisfy and get guests returning. Since more and more homes are becoming “short-term” rentals because owners and investors have caught on there is more competition then ever before.

Here are some pictures taken of rooms in properties that are knocking it out of the park! They are fresh and on theme with the area. For example if your rental is at the beach or coastline area you might go a bit nautical. Not too much though! You don’t want to over do it with too many moose, bears & fishing tackle in your mountain retreat but some carefully throughout is favorable.

If you don’t have the time to shop around to decorate and furnish your short term rental home there is a good chance there are professionals in your area that would do this for you. They are popping up more and more. Since staging for sale homes has not been too popular as of recent due to it being such a sellers market these staging pros can be hired for vacation rental homes. Just a thought!

Lets talk about paint colors for a bit. For the most part neutral tones are advised. We typically suggest to our clients to gain inspiration from the environment where their vacation rental home is. So if it is in a beach location you might do a sandy color as in the 2nd picture above. You might take the blue from the water and use some shade of blue for accents around. Perhaps the sand color would inspire the floor color.

If you need anything further on picking a paint color for something you pretty much can’t go wrong by seeing what Joanna Gaines uses. She has Magnolia Paints and there is a paint color for every occasion there that will take most of the guess work out things for you.

Furnishing a vacation rental can get dicey. You might worry about choosing a lighter colored fabric couch or chairs worrying about stains and them showing the wear more than a darker color. I understand that for sure. However it seems to depend on the quality of the piece. From our experience stains can easily be gotten out on nicer pieces of furniture with a good quality material on them. Check the material and more often than not it will have a stain protector on it. Light and bright by the coast seems to be the going trend and mountain, country, rustic is hot in the ski mountain, equestrian, fishing lakes and streams areas.

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