What Bedding Should I supply at My Vacation Rental

Getting the beds in your vacation rental home right is of utmost importance. You have heard it said that we spend more time in bed than doing anything else. If a rental home doesn’t have a quality bed & bedding in the bedrooms it will more than likely have dissatisfied guests.

vacation rental bedding

We often get asked if owners should supply or rent sheets and towels for guests and if so what kind of bedding should they supply. This is a question that has a “it depends” answer.

Although it is a nice amenity to supply sheets and towels for your guests and it can help rent your property a bit more by having that amenity box checked on your listing sites it can also be an additional cost and add to your tasks list. It is also another thing that can go wrong and backfire if there are any hiccups along the way.

In some areas of the country it is unheard of to not supply sheets and towels for guests. In other areas it is customary to have guests bring or rent their own sheets and towels. So the the first depends would be the area and what are other vacation rental owners doing in your area.

If you are in an area where guests tend to bring or rent sheets and towels there maybe a company or two that rents bedding. We have a great sheets and towel provider here on Cape Cod. Through the provider we use you can either rent them for your guests and have them delivered and picked up, but not put on the beds by the company or the guests can rent them directly through. Now this will supply the guests with sheets and towels but you would be kicking in a bit of dough for the linen rental if you chose to not have the guests order them. This is a great option if your cleaner(s) do not have time to switch out bedding during changeovers or if they charge too much for what it is worth.

If you do choose to use a rental company the responsibility for you as the homeowner really ends at just making sure the correct order is entered and each reservation has an order of sheets and towels. If the company then makes an error you can hold them responsible and have them make it right. This additional homeowner task would of course have a decent cost to it. From what we see out on the market right now it is about average to expect to pay $25 per sheet set per weekly rental. There are other factors when renting bedding for guests through a company. If you get a reservation cancellation you then have to remember to cancel the order with the bedding company. And hopefully it is within the allotted timeframe where you can cancel and get a refund. We will say that most bedding rental companies will work with you on this, especially if they know you rent through them for all your reservations.

If you choose to have your cleaner switch out the sheets and towels there maybe a little less chance of there being things missing and one less task for you to handle. You would then not have to order the bedding for each guest but you would need to supply an amply supply of sheets and towels at the property for your cleaner to have one set being laundered and one set on the beds as well as towels. You may also want to have a few sets as back up in case some pieces get stained or worn out. This is where trying to get all the same sheet sets comes in. If you can manage to get all the same matching sets of sheets for your rental if one piece needs retired you can simply switch in another piece without having to order a whole new set. So that brings us to what type of sheets and where should I get them?

We have had good success by ordering from Target with their Hearth and Hand series. The cost won’t break the bank and they are good quality. We also order from Potterbarn Bedding from time to time. Typically we get comforters there as they are of great quality and seem to hold up well. We feel that having bedding that is more homey helps guests feel at home. We don’t want to give off that sense that they are in a rundown motel type of bedroom.

Make your beds and bedrooms at your vacation rental have a welcoming appearance for guests to feel comfortable and feel that they are the first ones to enjoy your home. It should be fresh and new feeling for each guest. Here are some good examples of how the guest should see your beds when they arrive.

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