Best Vacation Rental Management Entry Systems

It is of utmost importance to think through and even go through the motions of what the guest will experience when staying at your vacation rental home. During the fun time of “playing” guest at your own rental home you are sure to pick up on some things that need attention or tweaked.

Before the guests arrive they will receive an email from with their check-in instructions. This will include a code to the lockbox or the address and details of picking up a key somewhere. In the case plan A has a hiccup we also suggest having a traditional lockbox with a backup key in it located somewhere at the property. Some owners have a shed and they will put that lockbox on the shed door and if there are any other keys they can stow the in there as well.

Vacation rental entry system

So be your own guest and make sure the locking / entry system on your entry door is ready to go and you know how it all works. If you have a locking / entry system that you program from afar you will want to make sure to keep on top of that and keep your team all informed as to the codes for access.

There are many different lock systems to choose from. Some of the newer and more techy ones are great and so are the traditional lock boxes. We recommend staying away from any lockbox that has a dial. The dial system seems to be more frustrating to guests. One with a light up and punch buttons is best for simplicity and nice that it lights up in the dark.

Another suggestion to to ensure that guests will be able to gain access to the home whether or not the electricity goes out or not. Some lock / entry systems do not operate when the power goes out. Another reason why having that back up key somewhere is so important.

You might want to contact your local locksmith to install your entry system. That way there will be someone local that is familiar with the system that can take care of any issues with it that may arise.

vacation rental locksmith

Travel The Cod vacation rental management service will help when guests need check in and entry information. Simply make sure to let us know the guest’s entry information and be your own guest prior to your first guest’s arrival.

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