Why Travel The Cod

If you have ever handled your vacation rental home on your own you know how much work and time it takes to make it a success. Our vacation rental service will ensure your home has the professional marketing, booking, financial tasks taken care of.

When you become a part of Travel The Cod as a Home Owner you can rest easy and know that we are working for you behind the scenes handling all the necessary day to day tasks for you. We handle the day to day end of your vacation rental business so you can then focus on your day to day.

You can rest easy knowing that your guests are getting the professional support through the entire rental process. Giving guests the assurance that your home is handled at the highest industry level standards legitimizes your home and makes it stand out among the rest.

You can rest easy knowing that you and your guests have our support. We are your vacation rental customer, marketing, booking, financial rental support team.

We Handle Guest Inquires

We pride ourselves in returning inquires exceeding industry level standards. When a guest inquires on a home they expect to get a responds and the faster that is done the better chances they will book.

We Handle Reservations & Leases

We get your home booked using either our lease agreement or one you prefer to use. We get them e-signed from the guest and process their payment so you get paid faster and know what is booked.  

We Work with Your Home Care Providers

We can communicate with your cleaner and home checker to make sure the property is cared for and ready for each guest. 
A well-cared for home equals good return guests.

How We Charge So Little

You probably know that there are managers in your area that charge a high commission rate for handling your vacation rental home. We understand. We have worked for them, started and ran our own rental agency under this structure for over 16 years and since sold it. We have also rented our own vacation rental home, stayed at vacation rental homes as guests and understand it all from every angle. So we have come up with what we believe is the perfect just-right combination of owner / manager responsibility that enables us to provide what owners need and allow them to save thousands of dollars.

So you might be asking what you would need to handle?

Our owners simply need to handle some of the easy and not too time consuming tasks associated with renting their homes. Some of those tasks are lining up their home care services. Things like hiring a cleaner(s), home checker / repair person (if desired), lawn care, trash pick up, cable TV / Internet, etc. Taking on these simple tasks will save your thousands of dollars.

With our partnership type of rental management service homeowners can expect to save half the commission expense compared with using a traditional rental brokerage and much more in the case of a full service rental property management company.

Each homeowner can decide what listing sites to market their home on. The owner signs up for & pays for the listing subscription with the listing site(s) of their choice and we would then handle everything thereafter.

We also have a vacation rental listing site where our homes that we manage are marketed. This helps keep things off the major listing sites giving us and the owner more control over the booking & communication with each guest. Guests love it too! This way they can avoid paying high booking fees to the big name vacation rental sites.

Owners will also be given financial statements making it easy for owners to submit the short term rental tax and keep track of their investment.

We can provide a list of home care providers. You just make the calls & save!


Lawn Care

Linen Rentals

Trash pick up

Cable / Internet


Hiring the right home care providers can make all the difference. We can provide a list of them for you in the case you do not already have them in place.

Getting the right photos goes a long way with marketing your vacation rental home. This step is so important. If you already have good photos then great! But if you are brand new to renting your home we highly suggest hiring a professional real estate photographer. We can help you find and schedule photos. Ask us about this if you need any assistance.


Our vacation rental management service is only 7.5% to the homeowner and we charge an admin fee to each guest at the time of booking.

Guests do not mind paying a small fee to know they are working with a legit management company and renting a home that is handled professionally and at industry level standards. Most management companies and agencies charge a higher guest admin fee and this is expected from the guest.

It is time to start enjoying renting your vacation home. With our rental management service you will have the burden lifted, be stress-free and making reservations without lifting a figure.

Reach out today to see if your home qualifies.