For Vacation Rental Brokers / Managers

Do you manage a portfolio of vacation rental homes?

We can help you. With our vacation rental management service you can simply get the listings and have us take care of the rest.

We step in as your vacation rental agent(s) or assistant to handle your client’s properties.

Reach out to see how we can take the headaches of running your vacation rental business and turn them all into a profitable joy for you.

Tired of paying a rental agent top dollar to handle your rental portfolio? Tired of looking for the “right” rental agent year after year?

Look no further. We will handle your rental portfolio saving you thousands of dollars on hiring an agent(s). Our rental management service helps brokers get their time back. No more hiring a team year after year and paying them a salary+.

Join Travel The Cod and we will take on the rental tasks for you. Once your clients are ready to sell or make a move we will send them right back to you for you to handle that.

You will see your clients be so impressed with how you handle their vacation rental home. They will love you and your work. We will make sure you are as up to date with your client’s home as you prefer.

Our Fees

Our vacation rental management service is only 7.5% + an admin fee is charged to each guest at the time of booking.

You charge your % and we will collect the full amount, take our % and send your clients the balance.

We make it so easy for our brokers. Reach out to start handling your rentals in a way that lets you have your life and sanity back.

Travel The Cod Vacation Rental Service Includes

  • Answer Guest Inquires
  • Make Reservations
  • Handle Lease Agreements
  • Collect Rent Payments
  • Maintain Listings on Listing Sites
  • Guest Communication (until there is an issue at property)
  • Provide Financial Statements
  • Provide Direct Booking

What is Required By Broker / Manager

  • Photos
  • Home Care Services (Trash, Cable / Internet, Cleaning, Lawn) if homeowner does not handle these things
  • Have home owner or Brokerage sign up for and pay for any listing sites where home will be marketed
  • Remit Short Term Rental Tax if homeowner does not do this